~The Medicine Cat's Den~

The Medicine Cat Den is a cozy area where the medicine cat rests, treats other cats, organizes herbs, and mentors their apprentice. Sick or injured cats are welcome here and promised to be treated as soon as the Medicine Cats tend to them.

Medicine Cat Den



Sageclan's Medicine cat Den


Greenleaf (Summer)


Medicine Cat and Medicine Cat Apprentice


The Medicine cat den is built with moss, vines, grass, brambles, and twigs. There are also little shelf like rocks inside the den to organize stores of herbs. The den is surrounded by trees, rock and many other plants to keep it safe and sound.


The inside of the Medicine Cat den contains many bitter, sweet smelling herbs that are organized on the shelf like rocks on the side of the den. Around there are many nests of moss for sick or injured cats to rest in when being treated. In the middle there is a small, convenient pond for cats to take a drink from. The Medicine Cat and their apprentice's den is under a protective tree with a nice shade to allow a promising rest.